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Hey all! Gonna get right into it and link all my books with descriptions.


Taboo! Her Forbidden Prize

Elise and Her Older Man:
Elise wasn’t a bad girl. At least, she never used to be, but after a night on the couch she shows just how bad she can be. A sinful tale of unprotected seduction and scintillation!

A long ride on our Taboo Trip:
When Dylan sees the girl he grew up with in a new light, his entire world is thrown down a course of taboo unprotected passion for the first time!

Naughty Mom’s Younger Man:
Laura had always dreamed of having a family, after finding her needs unmet by her husband, Laura decided to take action. However these actions had completely unexpected consequences when her plan accidentally brings the younger man of the house into the spotlight and Laura wonders if there might not be another way she could find happiness.


When Money Talks
Money, Mesmerizing, Mine:
Jenna Saug has a problem with power, a problem resisting it. When Jenna crosses paths with Malcolm Ignatius, a rich, mesmerizing billionaire, will she be able to resist his unfeeling and dominant personality? Or will she succumb to her baser desires and hope to find love in his eyes.


Hot, racy and twisted. Jenna Saug continues her life under the rich thumb of Malcolm Ignatius under the proviso that she bear his child for him. What’s more she likes it. Will she debase herself to sate her self-destructive lust, will Malcolm learn to love her, or will she find the strength she needs to move on? And just what is Malcolm’s secret? Who is Elen?


In this thrilling and hot conclusion to When Money Talks, Jenna Saug struggles with the life that she has thrust upon her. When the chance arises, will Jenna finally free herself from the man who was bringing out the sexual depravity in her, or will she surrender to lust.


Taboo! Forbidden Heat
Mom’s Taboo: Lust is Blind:
Audrey wasn’t a bad woman. She wanted a family of her own and had married her husband Phil.Times have changed and Phil is out working all the time for the family she wants, frustrated Audrey turns her eyes to the younger man of the house and finds she sees him in a whole new light.


Learning through Lust:
In this sizzling story, we meet student Tanya and professor Perry.

Tanya was all about being a good student. Study hard, get good grades, become worthy of attention. Unfortunately her unorthodox study measures leads her into unprotected trouble for the first time with the dreamy, middle-aged professor Perry. Will she ever be the perfect student?


Mom’s Helping Hands:
When Aiden’s unsatisfied life leads her younger man James to break both his arms, Aiden finds new and taboo ways to offer him her helping hands. But how far will it go? Find out just how hot and steamy this taboo book of debauchery gets!


Taboo: Raised Together
-Forbidden Love:
Celene and John are on a holiday to Japan when they suddenly find themselves strapped for cash. These two, raised together, soon find their relationship in unprotected waters, tested by a foreign cash prize game-show they sign up for.


-Because we have to… right?:
Keith is a jock, not the brains of the family, but when a letter from his dead father arrives promising a magical heritage, he can hardly believe the events that follow. Unprotected entanglements with Kaye the person he grew up together with. Will the unforeseen consequences of his magical misadventure pull them apart? Or give them new reason to become closer?


-Only for the Night:
Debbie’s tired of screwing up, she’s constantly left in the shadow of her successful, smarter step-brother Brad. But when her mistakes mean that the two have to share warmth to make it through the night on a road trip the two are forced to face each other stripped bare and find out where things lay with each other.

This taboo story is filled with unprotected, steamy,first time encounters between two people who were raised together enjoy!

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