New Releases!

Apr 24, 2016 | | Say something

New Releases!

But You’re My… MILF:
But Youre My... MILFwebsite
Cherrie had thought that the child raising part of her life was over. But when she takes a cruise with the younger man of the house she discovers the unprotected, sinful fantasies that had been haunting her weren’t exaggerating about just how satisfying it can be to be so wrong.

MILF Won’t Stop Til you’re Mine:
MILF Wont Stop til youre mine2websiteI… Don’t want to say what my name is, you can call me Ruby. But I can’t be too careful about who I let in on my taboo desire for the younger man of the house. All I feel comfortable saying is that I feel frustrated watching him go out with floozy after floozy and all the hard work I go to to keep them away from him.

MILF My Younger Man:
MILF My Younger Man4websiteLisa was an unsatisfied, single, step who just so happened to enjoy a few naughty kinks. It was the small bit of satisfaction she got out of life while trying to support the younger man of the house. But what happens when her exploration of sinful pleasure, leads the younger man of the house to subject her to unprotected taboos?

MILF Irresistible Taboo:
MILF Irresistible Taboo
Mary had little choice but for her and the younger man of the house to enter into a research study. But when the confines of the study that has lasted for two years starts playing off of her frustration the resulting taboo fantasies start to take her and her younger man down an unprotected path no one intended. Or did they?

MILF Shameless Seduction:
MILF Shameless Seductionwebsite
Queen Susan had just become a widow, the court machinations at play meant that her once respect position had vanished overnight. Now she had to guide the younger man of the throne to become a king. The unprotected guidance takes a taboo turn when Susan realizes just how she could return to her respected position in the most sinful and shameful way.

MILF’S Immoral Massage:
MILFs Immoral Massage2
Andy Walters was an ideal younger man of the house, he worked out, mowed the lawn, helped his parent and studied hard. But for a long time he harbored a taboo desire that he tried to deny. When freeing an imp gives him a gift called arousing touch will he be able to avoid the unprotected sin that he’d tried so hard to forget or will he instead find true love?

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