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Mar 5, 2016 | | 1 comment

The Taboo Forbidden Naughty Selection: Taboo Forbidden Naughty 200300
105,000 words of Taboo, Forbidden, Naughty tales that cross all the unmentionable boundaries you never even knew you wanted to cross.

Meet the oh so pure and petite brats. Filled to the brim with sinful first time desires for the man of the house.

Meet the bickering and tense Steps. Consumed by sexual tension for the people they grew up with no matter how wrong.

Meet the frustrated and unfulfilled MILFs. Wet, wicked and willing to break the ultimate taboo with the younger man of the house.

18 stories of Taboo, Forbidden, Naughty unprotected couples written by:
Cecilia Lawrence, Candy Quinn, Ophelia Stephens, Delaney Jane, Lexi Stevens.


Submit to the Man of the House:

Submit to Man House 3Dadvert
The brats in these stories are about to give up their most carefully guarded treasures for flaunting those perfect little fertile bodies in front of the men of their houses. When these men decide that it’s time for the little princesses to give them an heir, it’s going to happen just the way they like it. Hard, unprotected and all night long even if it is the brat’s first time.

Sick of boxed sets full of stories you’ve already read before? You’ll love this. This bundle features ten EXCLUSIVE stories that you will not find anywhere else. Not only that, but once you’ve finished reading them, you can get all ten direct sequels FREE, exclusively with Shameless Book Deals. Instructions within.

The Authors: With one contributor having ranked at #1 out of all erotica authors (beat that!), this bundle features some of the hottest writers the genre has to offer. Once you have this set, you’re going to want some time to yourself and a fire extinguisher, because the heat levels are off the charts on this one!

Punishing the Brats:

These Brats just won’t behave. Lucky the have big, strong men in their house to keep them in line!

Oh, these brats might seem innocent and cute, but when the lights go out and they’re left alone with the men of the house, they turn totally bratty and sexy. They want it, raw, hard, and unprotected, but it’s so wrong and dirty. They can’t just ask for it… They need to be made to beg!

This Limited Time Bundle contains 18 totally uncensored, and very dirty erotica stories. There’s lots of nasty language, taboo punishments, and misbehaving brats who need to be deflowered and pounded.

Over 120,000 juicy words and 6 sexy authors.


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  1. I have read one book only, the fireman. I was hooked from the beginning.

    I can only say, give me more!

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