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Dec 24, 2015 | | Say something

New Releases for Last Week! Sorry lovelies, Christmas chaos!

Sometimes you miss that Taste of Home
These 8 taboo, unprotected stories are so naughty they’re perfect for scratching that itch that won’t be satisfied with anything else

1) MILF Younger Man’s Lesson’s In Love
2) MILF Lessons from the Bedroom
3) MILF Grading the Younger Man
4) MILF Guiding the Younger Man
5) MILF Getting Wet With the Younger Man
6) MILF Just One Night With the Younger Man
7) MILF Home Schooled
8) MILF I Just Ride In Your Arms Tonight

MILF Getting Wet with the Younger Man
Lyra had given up on the dreams to settle down and have a family of her own with the love of her life. But now even the small pleasures of her life had fallen from her grasp, unsatisfied and ignored Lyra finally found the dreams of her younger days being unprotected, fulfilled, by the younger man of the house.

MILF Just One Night with the Younger Man
Alice was in an unhappy and unsatisfied life. It wasn’t until she was faced with the unhappiness the younger man of the house was dealing with that she decided to take action. What started as an idea to give a backrub quickly escalated to unprotected shenanigans when Alice finds herself in a compromising position.

MILF Home Schooled
Candice was left with the responsibility to make sure her son reached his full potential. She made a promise to her deceased husband to make sure he became the best man he could be. But soon those lessons with the younger Man of the house take an unprotected turn that change Candice’s unsatisfied life forever.

MILF I Just Ride In Your Arms Tonight
I was just Aleara, a widow, a single mother and I was doing my best, but when, in a moment of distress she confuses the younger man of the house with her deceased husband and the unprotected taboo that followed threatens to tear them apart or prove to be the one thing that brings them closer than ever before.

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