New Releases!

Dec 6, 2015 | | Say something

New Releases!
Why fight what feels right?
These 8 taboo, unprotected stories are so naughty they’re perfect for scratching that itch that won’t be satisfied with anything else.

1.MILF Tasting the Younger Man
2.MILF Cooking With The Younger Man
3.MILF Holiday Taboo
4.MILF Tempting the Younger Man
5.MILF Secret Younger Man
6.MILF Enticing the Younger Man
7.MILF Working It Out With the Younger Man
8.MILF Seducing The Younger Man

MILF’s Secret Younger Man
Kelly was a newly-wed. But not just any kind of newly-wed, she was an unsatisfied newly-wed. Her husband Bert was busy at work, providing that rich, extravagant lifestyle that Kelly loved, but left her wanting that same thing she’d desired all her life. When the younger man of the house comes into play, Kelly will find herself deep in unprotected territory that will change everything.

MILF Enticing The Younger Man
It was just for attention that’s what Rod had thought. As an aspiring artist lacking the courage to really fight his rich father on career paths, Rod wasn’t exactly confident in his appeal to women. But as the inexperienced younger man of the house receives an unprotected confidence boost from Ria, will everything change for the better?

MILF Working It Out With The Younger Man
Mary was a widow, raising a child on her own as best she could. This proved difficult when a condition she called going ‘Hazy’ left her insatiable and incapable of rational thought. Unable to date, or trust anyone to not spread rumors that might hurt her son, Mary had just about resigned herself to life without satisfaction. But when the younger man of the house gets involved in an unprotected encounter, will Mary’s life change for the better?

MILF Seducing the Younger man
Charity Lee was named by her mother to give, but found herself lacking on the receiving end. Her husband was never home, she was bored and unsatisfied but the grumpy councilor found unprotected satisfaction when the younger man of the house stepped out of her taboo fantasies and into her… life.

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