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Nov 28, 2015 | | Say something

Hey lovelies!

Here are my new stories, four a week now!
MILF Tasting the Younger Man
Daphne had a problem. The theory behind it was that her olfactory gland was incredibly sensitive, but the long and short of it was that most of the people around her made her gag. As a widow with no child of her own she despaired at finding love and just wanted a baby. But when faced with the great smelling younger man of the house the unprotected, taboo temptation to have a taste proves too much. Will Daphne find love in the last place she expected?

MILF Cooking With The Younger ManMILF_Cooking_With_the_Younger_Man
Helen was dealing with the problems in her life. If by dealing you meant drinking wine and trying not to think about it, and by problems you mean wanting a child of your own while your husband a mafia boss isn’t interested. Faced with the prospect of death or danger if she strayed, it’s only when the younger man of the house becomes involved that Helen’s unprotected life begins to take a happy turn.

MILF Holiday Taboo
Samantha put up with a lot in her life, not being able to see her husband for a year, looking after the house and the younger man of the house on her own. But everything changes when on a holiday trip to meet her husband the plane crashes, leaving her stranded and with only her unprotected desires.

MILF Tempting the Younger Man
Holly was out for revenge. Her absent and uncaring husband was too often gone from their bed at night and even though Holly had given up on love, she still had pride. But when her efforts to destroy her husbands dreams of a legal dynasty cause her to view the younger man of the house in a new unprotected light, will she finally find love?

TABOO MEGABUNDLE 1# Wrong is just a wordTaboo_Megabundle_1__Wrong_is_just_a_Word2

Wrong is just a word, especially when it feels so right!
These 15 taboo, unprotected stories are so naughty they’re perfect for scratching that itch that won’t be satisfied with anything else.

1.Mom’s Helping Hands

2.Learning from Mom

3.Mom’s Naughty Secret

4.Mom’s Needs

5.Mom’s Taboo! Lust is Blind

6.Naughty Mom’s Younger Man

7.Dirty Brat at the Laundromat

8.A Long Ride on a Taboo Trip

9.Elise and Her Older Man

10.Too Innocent

11.Because We Have To… Right?

12.Learning Through Lust

13.Bratty Troublemaker

14.Forbidden Love

15.Only for the Night

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