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Nov 21, 2015 | | Say something

MILF Love Can’t Be Wrong
15,000 words of taboo, unprotected coupling with the young man of the house. There’s no need to question it, don’t even think twice, buy it and let these three stories grip you with their sinful pleasures:

MILF Milked by the Younger Man
MILF_Milked_by_the_Younger_Man2 (1)
Dana’s mind had been getting foggy lately, sensual memories clouded with sounds and sensations that were completely foreign to her conscious mind. She felt so full, so needy… it’s only when the younger man of the house helps relieve that pressure that she learns new unprotected pleasure that only the younger man of the house could milk from her.

MILF Satisfied By The Younger Man
Louise was getting married. Of course, just before the ceremony starts was the best time for her husband-to-be that he’d changed his mind about having children. Distraught and unsatisfied with the life that she was about to enter, Louise found love and satisfaction in the most unexpected and unprotected ways when the younger man of the house steps in.

MILF Teaches The Younger Man
Ashley just couldn’t find that satisfaction anymore. The love of her life had passed and now she struggled with her desires in his absence. But it was only when she realized that the younger man of the house was also struggling in an unexpected way that she found unprotected satisfaction as she taught him all the things his father never had a chance to hands on.

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