New Releases: The Naughty Wife’s Satisfied Life

Nov 15, 2015 | | Say something

New Releases:
15,000 words of taboo, unprotected coupling with the young man of the house. There’s no need to question it, don’t even think twice, buy it and let these three stories grip you with their sinful pleasures:

MILF Giving It All to the Younger Man
Jennifer was tired, tired of her husband’s ‘promises’ tired of being unsatisfied and tired of having to do the parenting alone. When the younger man of the house returns from university for Christmas, she finds an unprotected way to give them both a Christmas they’ll never forget.

MILF Taboo Condolences
Anna had to give a speech about her husband. He was dead, that was the important part. After a life of unfulfilled, unsatisfying, stress Anna was finally free to explore unprotected desires with the younger man of the house. Will she help him become the man she knows he is?

MILF Just to Keep Warm
Denise just wanted to build a closer bond with the younger man of the house, but after an avalanche out on the snowy slopes, finds herself in an unprotected circumstance that changes her unsatisfied life forever.

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