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Nov 8, 2015 | | Say something

Wicked MILFS

15,000 words of taboo, unprotected coupling with the young man of the house. There’s no need to question it, don’t even think twice, buy it and let these three stories grip you with their sinful pleasures:

MILF Dirty Desires:
Olivia was unsatisfied, a scene writer for a daytime soap hungry for success and achievement and in denial about her taboo, dirty desires. When the young man of the house fulfills some unprotected hunger everything changes.

MILF Wants it Wicked:
Andrea was a lonely, unsatisfied widow. But after she follows up on a promise she made to her departed husband, will some unprotected, taboo, fun with the young man of the house change her life forever?

MILF Wet Taboo:
Candice was unfulfilled, her husband always off in some other town, some other country probably off with some other woman. But when the young man of the house requires some unprotected readjustment she finds more than she bargained for.

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Cecilia Lawrence

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