New Releases! Scandalous MILFS

Oct 31, 2015 | | Say something

New Releases!

Hey Lovelies! This week’s releases!

Scandalous MILF
15,000 words of taboo, unprotected coupling with the young man of the house. There’s no need to question it, don’t even think twice, buy it and let these three stories grip you with their sinful pleasures:

1) MILF Opens Up
2) MILF Milked
3) MILF Immorally Yours

MILF Opens Up
Helen didn’t want to talk about it. Her husband is gone and she didn’t want to talk to anyone about it. Tight lipped and unmoving, the ice-cold single mother kept everything, including her most taboo fantasies a secret from anyone and everyone. But when the younger man of the house thaws her cold unprotected heart, will her life change for the better?

MILF Milked
Annie was unsatisfied, she worked on the dairy farm with her husband but one day, the young man of the house steps up to give her unprotected satisfaction. Her body changes and soon Annie goes from the milker, to the milked.

MILF Immorally Yours
Charlotte was an unsatisfied single-parent-widow as best she could. But before she even realized it, the once underfoot and troublesome younger man of the house had become a strong, reliable man capable of taking on all the worries and stresses in her life. Will she finally be able to lay down her need for control and relax into an unprotected life of serving instead?

Have a great day!
And a naughty night~!


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