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Oct 3, 2015 | | Say something

Heya lovelies! Three new releases and a bundle!
MILF’s Forbidden Fruit:

15,000 words of the taboo, the lewd and the unprotected shenanigans with the younger man of the house. This bundle is filled to the brim with three saucy stories.

The MILF’s Scent:

MILF’s Bedtime:

Molly was lonely, her husband now passed, she was left trying to raise a kid on her own. However, when someone has issues with getting sleep, will the unprotected help Molly gives to the younger man of the house end up changing her life for the better?


MILF My Eyes Only

After years of pining after the forbidden fruit right in front of her, Catherine finds her unprotected desires for the younger man of the house too hard to resist. But she isn’t one to share, when a girl appears on the scene, who will win the tug of war in MILF My Eyes Only


Hope you all had a great week!
Have a lovely day!
And a naughty night~

Cecilia Lawrence

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