New Release: Learning from Mom, Mom’s Needs and MILF’S Guilty Pleasure!

Sep 6, 2015 | | Say something

Hey lovelies!

Sorry for the late updates but things have been hectic while I’ve been writing so today I’m putting up info on my latest releases!
Learning from mom:
Suzanne was a good stepmother. After a crash resulted in her having to be the only parent in her house the time came for when the young man of the house needed lessons that normally a father would have a quiet word about. The unprotected result… nobody saw cumming!

Mom’s Needs:
I’m a good stepmother, a loving wife and a happy woman. As time moved on though my stepson moved out, my husband started gunning for a promotion. All this wasn’t so bad but when the heat I go into every year on our anniversary set off by my husband’s scent created a need that went unfilled, the younger man of the house steps up to the fill my need’s our home life will change forever.

MILF’S Guilty pleasures:


15 500 words worth of MILFS trying to keep everything together, when everything that cums at them tells them to let themselves fall apart. This juicy collection of guilty pleasure stories features:

Mom’s Naughty Secret
Learning From Mom
Mom’s Needs

Sometimes you you can’t help but give in to the wrong kind of story for the right kind of pleasure!

Well that’s all from me lovelies, that is… until another book I’ve written comes out today! Keep your eyes peeled for: Hunted by the Brat!

Take care!
Hope you all have a lovely day!
And a naughty night!~

Cecilia Lawrence

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